Grilled Sweet Potato with Cabbage Tabouleh and Almond Houmous

Grilled Sweet Potato & Spinach Cabbage Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh, originally from Lebanon, is a tasty side dish for all kind of occasions. I like to serve it with grilled meats like kefta, beef ribs or chicken. Vegetarians could go for grilled haloumi cheese, panfryed feta or grilled vegetables. Serve with a yoghurt dip or houmous or a creamy vinaigrette.

I believe real food is not made by following step by step instruction recipes but by creativity, practice & with respect for tradition & product. I only list the ingrediënts and some useful info. The rest is up to you.  Enjoy!

cabbage & spinach tabbouleh

shallots * spinach * white cabbage * lemon juice * olive oil * bulgur * ginger-garlic paste * sesame seeds

grilled sweet potato

sweet potato * olive oil

almond houmous

roasted & boiled (in milk) almonds * boiled chickpeas * garlic * sunflower oil * cumin * coriander * lemon juice * tahini * nutmeg


Slice the cabbage very finely. Do not cook the bulgur, the juices from the spinach, shallots, cabbage and the lemon juice actually cooks the bulgur. Mix well and let the tabbouleh rest for a couple of hours. For a beautiful white and creamy houmous use very cold sunflower oil from the freezer. Season everything with pepper & salt to your liking. Serve with Kinshasa Heat Hot Sauce.