Veggie Lunch Buffet

Vegetarian food is all about taste. Treat every vegetable with the respect it deserves and don’t be afraid to season well.

I believe real food is not made by following step by step instruction recipes but by creativity, practice & with respect for tradition & product. I only list the ingrediënts and some useful info. The rest is up to you.  Enjoy!

celery & orange quinoa

celery * orange segments * quinoa * shallots * fresh basil * olive oil * orange juice * ground coriander seeds * walnuts * black radish * white wine * rice vinegar * nutmeg

lentil curry with paneer cheese

onion * ginger * chili * garlic * sesame oil * fresh coriander * urid lentils * lemon juice * coconut milk  * garam masala spicemix (cloves, cinnamon, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, black pepper & nutmeg) * turmeric * paneer cheese (milk, lemon juice & vinegar) * red onion

carrot, turnip, potato salad

carrots * cinnamon * cumin * turnips * potatos * parsley * mustard&honey vinaigrette * toasted almonds

panfryed flatbread & pomegranate salad

lamb’s lettuce * flatbread * pomegranate seeds, juice & molasses * olive oil

red beet houmous

chickpeas * olive oil * cumin * lemon juice * garlic * cooked red beets * tahini

spinach & hazelnut pesto

spinach * lemon juice & zest * olive oil * roasted hazelnuts * roasted pinenuts * garlic * Uncle Jerry’s hot sauce * nutmeg


avocado * olive oil * lime juice * garlic * shallots * cilantro


Preferably the pesto should be pound by hand and not in a blender. Pesto needs bits & pieces… Make the guacamole last minute to prevent discoloring. Roast the red beets with a bit of water in the oven and peel them afterwards when they have cooled down a bit. The taste will not be lost in the water which happens when you boil the beets. Make your own paneer cheese. Bring whole milk to a boil, turn off the heat and add enough lemon juice. Let it rest for a while and strain through a clean towel. Press the cheese and let it cool overnight. Panfry the cheese in some oil. Treat quinoa as a risotto and you will be amazed!

Season everything with pepper & salt to your liking. Serve with Kinshasa Heat Hot Sauce.