mung bean salad & rabbit satays with sesame seeds

Green Mung Bean Salad & Rabbit Satays

Mung beans are healthy and tasty, light to digest and both used in savory and sweet recipes. Germinate the beans if you want fresh taugé or drytoast them and grind them for a glutenfree flour.  The options are endless…

I believe real food is not made by following step by step instruction recipes but by creativity, practice & with respect for tradition & product. I only list the ingrediënts and some useful info. The rest is up to you.  Enjoy!

mung bean salad

green mung beans * dried prunes * artichoke heart * pomegranate seeds * radish * feta cheese * cumin * nutmeg * olive oil * lemon juice

rabbit satays

sliced rabbits back * oystersauce * sesame seeds * sesame oil * fish sauce * garlic-ginger paste * Kinshasa Heat hot sauce


pomegranate molasses * grape seed oil * light soy sauce * sesame oil * rice vinegar * honey * date syrup * gingerpowder


Soak the mung beans for at least 8 hours. Cook them until just before they split open. For a salad, rinse gently with cold water. Marinate the meat the night before in the oystersauce. Bake very shortly in a hot oven. Season everything with pepper & salt to your liking.