We strive to enhance all your daily food with our flavourmakers a.k.a. hot sauces
Our products are inspired by world cuisine and prepared with the utmost care.
All ingredients are handselected, all our products are handcrafted.

Jerry’s first product Kinshasa Heat hot sauce is based on a Congolese family recipe. I learned this wonderful recipe from Cunga, my former sous-chef. Together we worked for years to perfect this sauce for a broader public. We can trace it back to the beginning of the 20th century in the Bas-Congo region (near Kinshasa). My favourite uses are: on bread, sandwiches, pizza, pasta & grilled foods but I encourage you: Try it on… everything!

local hot sauce from Antwerp

Our second product is Xi’an Smoke. It is more like a spice paste, but the term hot sauce shows the versatility & use of this product. Xi’an Smoke is the result of my passion for Chinese cuisine, a recent 2-month culinary trip in the Shaanxi-, Guangxi– en Sechuanprovinces and 3 months of living and eating in Xi’an. The taste of central China in a jar! With a touch of Xi’an Smoke my pasta bolognaise turns into a spicy, tasty Sechuan noodle dish! Awesome!

Jerry's fine foods gourmet hot sauce granada sun handcrafted in Antwerp Belgium

Granada Sun is our 3rd hot sauce. Combining flavours from the Middle-East with Southern Spain. Taste the sun (orange, red pepper,…) & the earth (cumin, fennel,…). I love it with chicken & rice dishes!

Still to come…
Basra Bomb: In the kitchen I often worked with cooks from Iraq, Syria & Afghanistan. They inspired me to make this sauce! Still in testing fase though…
Saigon Fire: South-East Asian flavours… this will be freshness allround, also in testing fase.
Kinshasa Heat Bourbon edition: this will be an emulsified version of the all-round favorite Kinshasa Heat with top quality Bourbon. And not in a jar like our other sauces but in a small bottle. Expect it mid 2019.