Hire me as a chef * caterer * consultant * cook@home (contact me: +32(0)498/15.16.69)

Strong-flavored and balanced. Humble, seasonaly inspired with fresh vegetables, homemade spice mixes and a touch of ‘Jerry’s fine foods’ artisan sauces.

My specialties are Asian & African cuisines, often fused with European influences. I am a ‘flexitarian’ so I also love to cook & eat vegetarian & vegan food.

Chinese wok pan on fire being preheated
Fried noodles with ramenas, cucumber and chili

Restaurant * outdoor * BBQ * caterings * home cooking sessions * delivery * teaching skills, work ethics & languages (Dutch, French, English) * HACCP * stock management * first aid

handmade Congolese beignets fried in hot oil

Healthy but wholesome food. My mission is bringing cultures together on your plate and in real life. Cooking for me is an ancient skill where creativity is useful. It is my way to express love, friendship & passion.

The cuisines I love the most are Belgian, French, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Congolese & Central Africa, Moroccan, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Syrian & Middle East... although I do not like to limit myself 🙂