Heartwarming Congolese food you'll want to eat every week!

Chicken Moambe

Moambé stew, originally from the Congo river area, is a hearty, filling and versatile dish. It goes well with beef, goat & fish or a well chosen veggy/vegan alternative. But I prefer a slowcooked, golden panfryed chicken leg…

I believe real food is not made by following step by step instruction recipes but by creativity, practice & with respect for tradition & product. I only list the ingrediënts and some useful info. The rest is up to you.  Enjoy!

tomato & peanut sauce

onion * garlic * mustard seeds * cinnamon * tomato paste * fresh tomato * peanut butter

pondu (saka saka)

frozen cassava leaves * water * ginger * aubergine * garlic * anchovies * green bell pepper (paprika) * cumin * fennel seeds * palm oil * chicken stock

fufu (gari)

pound yam * boiling water * nutmeg * salted butter * lemon juice

plantain & cooked chicken

Pan fry in palmoil.


Buy a boiling hen, stewing chicken or smoked chicken. Boil it on a gentle fire for 1h30 in a court-bouillon.  Let the cassava leaves boil for 1,5 hours in some water. Add the other ingrediënts and let it cook 1 more hour. Make sure you have a ripe plantain (yellow to brown color) for frying. Season everything with pepper & salt to your liking. Serve with Kinshasa Heat Hot Sauce.

Also check out Congocookbook.com, a really great website about Congolese & African food, traditions & culture!